Are you looking for a vibrant, supportive community of professional coaches? Are you looking for opportunities to network, increase your coaching knowledge, and grow your business?

You’ve come to the right place!

There are two ways to participate in the ICF OC community:

  1. Become an ICF OC Global Member. To do so, you must become an ICF Global Member and select ICF OC as your local chapter. Visit to learn about your eligibility to join ICF Global and to join, if appropriate. If you are already a member of ICF Global, you may simply update your online ICF Global profile by designating ICF OC as your local chapter.

  2. Be a guest at our monthly chapter events. We welcome anyone with an interest in coaching to attend our monthly chapter events as a guest.

Not sure if we're the right community for you? Join us at one of our chapter meetings to see what we're all about!